1. Get to Know Your Photographer 

Above all else, you and your photographer need to be a good fit. Do your research, meet with them, look into their eyes, pick up on their energy, and listen to their words. You want a photographer that has retained a passion for making great imagery, one that you’ll feel comfortable around, and that you’ll trust.

I always tell my clients that the most important thing is to imagine that your photographer is your best friend. Look up at them while cutting the cake, find them in the crowd while you’re dancing, not only will you get some amazing pictures, but but your true selves will show through the lens.

2. Make a Pinterest Board

It’s always helpful for your photographer to learn your aesthetic. What do you like? What’s your style? Do you have an edge or are you more traditional? How do you like your images processed? You don’t have to answer these questions, just create a Pinterest board or keep an online journal of thumbnails that you can share with your photographer. They will, very quickly, get an idea for what style of images you like and it will help with their approach on documenting your big day.

3. Shot List

Your wedding day flies by and it’s important for every single detail to be captured. You don’t want to leave anyone out, so it’s helpful for you, and for your photographer, to have an organized list of shots you want.

First, create a list all the groups you want captured, starting from the largest (like both sides of the family) to smallest (maybe just one of you and your mother).

Then, make a list of important images or people that you must have during the reception, like that great-great grandfather that will most likely be hidden in the corner all night, or your best friend that came all the way from London.

Now, give a copy to your bridesmaid so she can help with the group shots, and make a copy for your photographer so all the details are documented during the reception! Make it fit on one page.

4. Relax!

I often remind my clients to be reflective and take deep breaths throughout the night. One of the biggest challenges for a photographer is getting images that look natural. No one likes awkward faces, right?

It’s hard to slow down and relax when all around you is a wonderful buzz. But you really MUST try to make time to stop for a few moments throughout the evening and just be with your new husband/wife. Savor every little moment. Take it all in. Breathe. Look around the room. Hopefully, your photographer will be nearby to capture the intimacy.

5. The Big Kiss

One of my biggest pet peeves as a photographer is successfully capturing the big kiss, only to look back at the images and see the officiant’s face right there with the two of you. It’s very easy to make this image one of your favorites by asking that wonderful person to kindly step aside during that pinnacle moment. That way, you ensure that the only people in the frame are you and your sweetie.

Want to learn more? Contact me and I’ll be happy to list some more ways to improve your big day.